Attend comic con and have utmost enjoyment

The comic con is an international comic convention which will be held every year in San Diego, California. Actually it is a four day event from Thursday to Sunday and it will be organised in the time of summer. People from different places will participate in this event and get utmost excitement in watching their favourite super hero and comic characters. Particularly this will be really interesting for the children because when compared to adults they will be extremely curious about looking at their favourite characters. Therefore many parents use to take their children to this event. There are certain things that people have to follow if they want to enjoy the event thoroughly.

It is always better to go to the place earlier to watch the events from the beginning. They have to consider the things like weather conditions and traffic etc and make plans accordingly. If they come lately then they may miss certain things in the event. Whenever people are going to a place, they would like to take photos in that location to capture the moments they have there. Similarly coming to the event’s place earlier will be better for the people to take photos at various spots as they want. Once the event starts they cannot do that.


Generally everyone will be excited when they are watching their favourite character in real. In those situations, they will try to get close to them and want to speak or take photo with them. Though this is very natural, it may disturb the characters while performing some actions in the stage. Therefore the individuals should control their excitement and try to avoid such things. They can take the photos when the character is wontedly coming for taking photos. This is the main problem which uses to happen in every comic con event. Many people will try to take photos with their beloved characters and they will create a mess there.

If you want to have more fun, then it will be better to take their friends with them. Mostly people would take their family to those locations. Though it will be very excited having their friends nearby double their excitement. This is why many youngsters are attending the event with their friends. They use to go there as a gang and enjoy each end every moment completely. But they should make use that they are not creating any mess then they may have to deal with the security officials there.