Custom built dream houses

Dual occupancy isn’t the easiest thing a lot owner can invest in. In fact, partaking in dual occupancy is often seen as a luxury to many people. After all, why would you pay dual occupancy builders to build an entirely new estate or property on your lot without a guarantee of return in investment? That is part of the reason why most people tend to baulk at the concept. That and they don’t really understand what it entails. They may consider dual occupancy builders to just be custom builders under a different and infinitely more complex name. That would be because it is entirely possible to build one entirely different property next to the existing estate. In fact, if it is within the realms of the lot owner’s budget and sleeping arrangements, he or she can choose to have the dual occupancy builders demolish the existing property and build two dwelling houses from scratch. That may seem like overkill or a complete waste of time and money but it really isn’t our right to judge. What would any of us do if we could have any house built that we so choose?


Indeed, the phrase ‘custom builders’ is a good alternative name to give new home builder in Hervey Bay if that becomes their purpose while under your employment. What would you give to be able to tear down your house and have a newer one built in its place? What kind of style would you give it to not only suit your lifestyle but be the absolute item of envy in the neighbourhood? Then again, unless you’re a specialised and experienced lot owner the end result from the work of dual occupancies is more than one refurbished home. They should leave the lot and premises having achieved two dwelling houses that won’t collapse onto their foundations. A regular home owner just cannot manage that.

There are definite benefits to employing dual occupancy builders if you’re in a realistic situation to need them, though. That is to say, there are a multitude of benefits for dual occupancy in general. The most vital and important to your long term future and financial security is how dual occupancy impacts on your lot’s value. You need to know whether bringing in dual occupancy builders to create a whole new estate is a great investment, not just a decent one. You can rest assured that in the investment stakes dual occupancy is up there with the best. First and foremost, you can subsidise your housing cost. This assumes you will live in one dwelling house and not hop between the two. You can sell or rent out the spare dwelling house to prospective buyers, renters or tenants whenever you choose. That is money back in your pocket more often than not.

Dual occupancy doesn’t sound so stupid any more. Meanwhile, the phrase ‘custom builders’ also sounds twice as nice.

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