Teaching children to learn the basics of analog clock time reading is very essential. For a child, reading time on an analog clock may seem like a very complex task. The trick here is to engage the child to learn the basics by breaking the process down to simple factors. First we need to divide the clock into 4 parts and ask them to look at the digits of 12, 3, 6, 9 of 15 minutes each.   As they master this information, then break down the process to 5 minutes each by on each digit of the clock. In such training methods, it is beneficial to get an analog clock which has 12, 3, 6, 9 in considerable big and bold characters than the remaining digits of same font but lower size. These clocks might constitute what we call as bond street clock.

As the child learns to use that he or she will gradually learn how to read the minute hand operation of the clock time of 60 minutes. Then you can tell him that with one complete circle of second’s hand, the minute hand moved one place closer or one minute further and encourage him to see this rotation cycle himself and tell how many rotations of seconds hand will take to complete 5 minutes. This way you can teach telling time to children using analog clocks. Finally, to wrap it up you can complete the training by telling the child that when the minute hand of the clock has completed one full circle, the small hand will go from one digit to another which directly signifies the value of one hour. By giving these exercises you can introduce the knowledge of time in hours, minutes and seconds in your child.


Kids are usually attracted to symbols, cartoon figures and animated voices to learn better at a younger age. Using this to your advantage, you can buy some easyread time teacher clocks for your toddler or 5 year old kid who can easily record his voice on 8 am to let the cartoon character such as Mickey Mouse say “Hey, its time for breakfast”. This will induce learning in him with the information and knowledge about the importance of the time. These clocks work as a excellent birthday gift present for your child as they can now understand the basics of time reading and its importance form them.

Nowadays, due to explosion in number of digital clocks, many young children are easily attracted to it because there is no need to apply their brains to tell the time as the entire time is very easily visible right down to last second on the watch itself. Hence, it is very difficult to bring back the interest to analog clocks once they see the digital clocks. To make the analog clocks more accessible and fun you may kids teaching clocks and associated games which have some diagrams or exercises to test the imparted knowledge of time in children. This will bring back the learning activity fun back in the analog clocks.

As gifts, wiggles fun clock for kids is a very useful clock which is designed to teach kids the time by having colourful hands and embedding background with their favourite cartoon wiggle characters.

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