Various types of buck teeth conditions and their solutions

The main problem when a patient has buck teeth is that the buck teeth tends to push the lips up and this ends up in jaw bone being lost. This results in the teeth moving too far forward.

Fixing buck teeth without using Braces:

When teeth are too far forward, then the teeth are termed as buck teeth. The spaces between the teeth are quite large and this is resulted from the teeth and the upper jaw moving forward.  Upper jaw and teeth are not the only things affected by this, the lips are also pushed upwards. The lips are pushed forward by the buck teeth as the teeth tip forward. The noninvasive buck teeth correction can be done in just one day and a patient can have temporary teeth replacement in a day and permanent in few weeks from then.  Can braces fix buck teeth? Yes it can!


Bone loss and buck teeth:

When the tongue thrusts the teeth the teeth are pushed forward. This is so effective that it actually causes bone loss around the teeth and in turn this makes the teeth to move with ease. The gum disease combined with bone loss can be resolved just by extracting the buck teeth. It is then combined with a bone graft. This is also result in no infection in the gums and it makes you look good. Protruding teeth can also hinder the person’s ability to speak fluently, once this procedure is done, the patient will speak effortlessly and clearly,

Space between the teeth:

Many of us will have spaces between our teeth and we may not to anything about it for two reasons. One, the spaces are too small and two, we just think it’s normal to have spaces between the teeth. At times what happens is, this small space between the teeth become larger and the upper lip just moves up. If we still don’t cater to this problem eventually it will affect our speech.

Contouring cosmetically:

If the buck teeth are overcrowding and the teeth can be contoured to give a straighten look. This is a series of procedure and the process is totally pain free. This method is used when one does not want braces or any type of surgery.

Your medical Practitioner will provide you these clear and concise options and which one would be recommended for your dental condition. He does this based on his past experience in dentistry.

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