What Makes A Reliable Financial Advisor

Today, there are a number of options at our feet when it comes to growing our wealth (provided of course you have managed to save something); so much so that it has become a conundrum of sorts to make a wise decision. This is where you could appreciate the services of a financial advisor based on your requirements. Seeing as how the world now revolves around money, it has become a matter of utmost importance to be financially stable and secure if you hope to survive. How though, do you find a suitable advisor? What differentiates a competent candidate from one that is not? Where could you possibly start?


To know what makes a good financial advisor, you must first think about what it is that makes for a bad one. For starters, if you have gone there to discuss your future plans and they end up advising you based on their goals, the whole purpose is defeated. They should be attentive, listen to you no matter how ridiculous they might think your idea for setting up a space centre is. Without knowing what you want, how could they possibly know how to help you? They could use wealth manager software for their job yes, but they also need to have a certain amount of sense.



Now that they have heard your financial goals, what they need to do is draw up an attainable savings plan. You are going to need some money to help you get there, and you cannot do that without a savings plan. They will consider your current income, expenditure as well as returns you might be bringing in from other investments and then let you know how much you should be putting away periodically and for how long to reach your goals. Just make sure you put this plan into effect and stick by it!


People are exceedingly careful about who they trust their money with, so reputation is a major qualifier when it comes to a financial advisor. Being proficient in a wealth manager software is not going to cut it. Reputation involves number of years the advisor has been in the field, along with what their previous clients have to say about them and their success. If they have a particularly high success rate, then you know that even if their services cost a bit more you can expect a good result.


What good is a financial advisor who has a television running in the background keeping one eye on it and one ear on you? None. Every top-notch financial advisor is always attuned to their environment and always in the know when it comes to knowledge in their field. Any time a political or economic change comes about, they know what to do next and how to steer their client into safer waters. By their manner of talking and behaviour, you will be able to see whether they are focused and serious so keep an eye out for that.

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